As students enter second grade at Adel Elementary, they have many opportunities to grow as readers, writers, and mathematicians. Second grade has an established curriculum that includes all aspects of a balanced literacy program, along with writing and math. Social studies and science are part of our integrated theme units.

Second graders at Adel Elementary write letters to other students, teachers, and staff as they learn about letter writing. Each class attends a training session to learn about the mail carriers job.  Throughout the year each student will get a chance to be the mail carrier. Students travel their routes to collect and deliver mail.

As a part of our Habitat study, we go to Kuehn Conservation Park, near Earlham. We visit in the fall and again in the spring to observe the prairie habitat. This is a great opportunity for students and parents to learn more about the critters and habitats of Dallas County!


Experiencing live theatre is another exciting opportunity that our second graders have at Adel Elementary. We attend performances at the Des Moines Playhouse once a year.

Stargazing in their own planetarium is something not every second grader can do, but at Adel Elementary students get to view a variety of constellations in the Star Lab!  This is a portable planetarium, which allows our students to see our solar system in ways that a picture will never show.

We enjoy visitors in our classroom as they share their time and talents with us.  Officer Monte Keller shared safety tips with us during our Safety unit and Mrs. Liz Severidt , our school dietician, spoke with us about the importance of healthy food and exercise choices.  During Junior Achievement, a community or parent volunteer shares lessons with the students about economics and how they work in our own community.

Alphabet Alley is another familiar activity where students get to publish stories and share them with our school. Each week our principal shares our published kindergarten through second grade authors over the intercom.  Students get a chance to share their story with their family, and friends.

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